NYC horse carriage company sues animal “rights” groups

The horse carriage company Central Park Sightseeing in New York City has had enough. The New York Post reports that they have filed a lawsuit against two animal rights organizations that have been conducting protests and harassing customers. The company is asking the Manhattan Supreme Court to prevent New Yorkers for Clean Livable and Safe Streets (NYCLASS) and Friends of Animals from using the aggressive, harassing tactics to intimidate and frighten off customers.

“Teach your daughter some compassion!” one protester shouts in a clip, while in another, an activist says, “You just taught your daughter to abuse animals.”

“They show pictures of dead and bleeding horses from 10 years ago. Kids cry. Parents ask them to stop, and then the activists yell and harass the parents,” said horse-carriage driver Christina Hansen.

In another video, an activist approaches a carriage carrying four children and tells them: “The horse is very sad. They drop dead on the street.”

The owner of Central Park Sightseeing, Hakan Ugdur, stated that the protesters shout foul language and follow them through traffic which not only scares the horses but can make them hesitate or stop.

According to the Post, the protests have escalated since August. Protesters have gone so far as to get physically violent with customers, carriage company employees and even tried to block customers from taking rides.

NYCLASS did not issue a statement but Friends of Animals denies having urged any of their activists to do anything illegal. The group did, however, fire its New York City director for engaging in activities with others outside the scope of her work. Here is hoping that Central park Sightseeing prevails in court. The group is so anti-human that they want to eradicate the pleasure people get from taking rides on carriages or other means of entertainment.