Forest company sues Greenpeace

Canadian paper company Resolute Forest Products was the subject of a Greenpeace fundraiser last year in which the group not only made numerous frivolous allegations against the company but, according to Resolute CEO Richard Garneau, even went so far as to harass companies Resolute did business with with slander campaigns similar to what they did against Resolute which included a hacking campaign. Resolute’s CEO had decided he had had enough and his company slapped the green bullies with a 200 million racketeering lawsuit in a US court.

According to The Daily Caller, Greenpeace has admitted that their so-called factoids are rhetorical hyperbole. However, the group stands by its claims of the company being a forest destroyer since, the group claims, the company’s practices hinder the forest’s ability to grow which supports woodland caribou. This is the second lawsuit the company has hit Greenpeace with. Resolute Forest Products originally sued the green group in Canada accusing Greenpeace of defamation and economic interference.

Hopefully Resolute Forest Products will prevail or if the company doesn’t it not only gets Greenpeace to back off and is a lesson for other companies Greenpeace harasses that they can fight back. Resolute is providing a service by logging trees for paper products to be used that better our lives. Yet Greenpeace prefers the company’s existence be sacrificed in order to preserve the needs of nature. The attempt by Greenpeace to raise money by lying is only to enable the group to force a paper company to do its bidding with the end goal of forcing Resolute out of business. Fortunately, the company is fighting back. Hang in there, Resolute!