Anti-NDAPL activists accused of trying to cause pipeline leaks

The very people claiming to be environmentalists and caring about the life and health of the planet have stooped to a new low. After being driven out of their encampments in North Dakota, anti-North Dakota Area Pipeline (NADPL) activists are accused of sabotaging the pipeline itself. The Associated Press revealed security issues that have resulted in Energy Transfer Partners petitioning a court to keep their spill plans and features of the pipeline secret:

Authorities in South Dakota and Iowa confirmed Tuesday that someone apparently used a torch to burn a hole through empty sections of the pipeline at aboveground shut-off valve sites.

Mahaska County Sheriff Russell Van Renterghem said the culprit in Iowa appeared to have gotten under a fence around the facility, but Lincoln County Sheriff’s Deputy Chad Brown said the site in South Dakota wasn’t fenced.

The Iowa incident was discovered March 13 and the South Dakota incident Friday.

Pipeline operators are asked to report security breaches to the National Response Center. Data on the center’s website show no reports from ETP this month.

The $3.8 billion Dakota Access pipeline runs 1,200 miles through the Dakotas, Iowa and Illinois.

Though, as the article points out, pipeline vandalism happens more in Canada than the US and there is no direct proof anti-pipeline groups are involved, sabotage of NADPL is consistent with their conduct. Anti-NADPL terrorists not only attacked pipeline construction personnel and security but also tried to sabotage pipeline construction equipment. Last year, a group expressed their solidarity with NADPL protesters by shutting off pipeline valves in four states.

If there was any doubt that environmentalists are anti-human let this news story and the events that lead up to it be all the evidence needed. They are also excellent reasons to not only oppose them but also support the usage of fossil fuels as well as transportation mechanisms like pipelines. Environmentalists continue to demonstrate their anti-industrialism agenda more and more and their using force in order to achieve their aims demonstrates the weakness of their position.