PETA Prez condemns Nintendo milking game

The latest salvo in PETA’s war against the milk industry has come from the group’s President Ingrid Newkirk. HeatStreet states that the group’s head fired off a letter to Nintendo whining about the company’s electing to participate in the Woodstock, Vt-based Billings Farm & Museum’s challenge to compete against them in the 1-2-Switch video game that has a mini-game to it which involves milking a cow.

The event is all in good fun, but, being the prudes that they are, People for the Extortion, Torture and Abuse of Human beings won’t have it:

PETA maintains that dairy farming is a heinous practice where “cows are exploited for their milk,” and that it is “NEVER that pleasant for these animals.” We were unable to receive comment from any cows to validate or dispute PETA’s claims.

PETA is calling upon Nintendo to implement a “realistic simulation” of cow milking, stating that 1-2 Switch needs to show every aspect of dairy farming.

“To simulate cow milking accurately, 1-2-Switch would need to show all aspects of dairy farming, including the violent insemination of cows on what the dairy industry itself refers to as a ‘rape rack.’ Cows produce milk to feed their babies, but their young are torn away from them soon after birth so that human beings can use their milk instead,” PETA’s complaint reads.

“A mother cow will bellow for her calf for days after the baby is taken from her. Perhaps you could add these sounds to your game in order to remind players that by drinking milk, people support an industry that separates mothers from their babies.”

This latest action comes on the heels of PETA’s recent video equating milk with Nazism. However, as an aside, the hilarious part is that they got the idea from a 4chan troll meme that has been around for months.

The intent of PETA and other animal rights organizations is to deny humans the ability to not only to enjoy animals in the comfort of their homes for companionship or for entertainment but also to deny their use for human sustenance. Animal rights groups hate the idea of humans using animals for any purpose and will work to prevent, slander or demoralize any effort that involves animals being used in any manner including and especially for dietary means. The purpose of animal rights groups is not about the humane treatment of animals but, in reality, the animalistic treatment of humans.