UK Greenpeace chapter tries to discourage car buying

Stroud, England has a re-formed Greenpeace chapter and the group has decided to remind the public of the group’s war on the automobile. Group organizers, according to Stroud News & Journal were reported as stating that they wanted to remind car dealership patrons of the high amount of carbon dioxide new diesel cars emit.

One activist accused the auto industry of rigging pollution tests and selling cars with diesel engines that are not safe and contribute to sickness. He was referring to the Volkswagen controversy. He said electric cars, that pollute worse than the autos that use the combustible engine, should be manufactured instead.

I guess he and his other comrades must have missed the results of a study conducted on diesel engines more than ten years old that was conducted in India and released back in February. In it, researchers concluded that the diesel engines were not major contributors to air pollution. From the Hindustan Times:

“According to IIT and CPCB study, diesel vehicles are not a major source of air pollution. There is no evidence to show that 15-year-old petrol and 10-year-old diesel vehicles cause major pollution and in fact their contribution is minuscule. All forms of fuel including CNG and petrol cause pollution,” the law officer told a bench headed by NGT Chairperson Justice Swatanter Kumar said.

This is significant because India’s pollution levels are much higher than the United States, even when comparing Dehli to New York City or comparing Dehli to London.

This attempt by this Greenpeace affiliate is to discourage people from buying cars that best suit their needs and are more fuel efficient than older vehicles. Simultaneously, car dealerships suffer which results in few people being employed. If they had their way, environmentalists would rather have a situation as seen in the 2010 Super Bowl commercial below and this action is reminiscent of that advertisement.

Greens would rather drag everyone to pre-historic times where few natural resources were used because it is primitivism environmentalists revere. Never mind how much carbon emissions these activists expended to get to their locations and print their flyers. Oh but wait, I am sure many of them invest in carbon offsets so that makes it okay.