How anti-vaxxers seek to kill more babies

A baby in New South Wales Australia is fighting for his life resulting from his parents refusing to give him a vitamin K shot. The Herald Sun reports the baby remains in very serious condition resulting from bleeding on the brain and if he survives will probably be severely disabled.

This tragic incident reveals a recent problem that anti-vaccine groups have made headway in scaring parents to not give their babies a vitamin K shot soon after their born alleging it is a vaccine (it is not). During the first 4-6 months after their born, babies are vitamin K deficient and are especially vulnerable to blood clots until they start eating sold foods which help babies produce vitamin K in their intestines.

If a baby contracts Vitamin K Deficiency Bleeding, bleeding can occur when a baby’s blood can’t form a due to a lack of vitamin K in which the result is uncontrolled bleeding. The result is either permanent brain damage or death and the signs of VKDB are not immediately noticeable. Some anti-vaccine groups recommend the vitamin K either be given to the baby orally or through the mother through her breast milk. However, the suggested alternatives recommended by anti-vaccine personalities Joseph Mercola, Natural News, and (just recently) Vani The Food Babe Hari are no replacements for the vitamin K shot.

The anti-vaccine movement is an outgrowth of the environmentalist movement. The efforts of anti-vaccine activists are an extension of the green movement’s holy war (i.e. jihad) to eradicate human life from the face of the Earth. Now that the science related to climate change, genetically modified foods, fracking and vaccines do not confirm what the environmentalist groups have been alleging all along they find other means to kill off humans or make them suffer since their underlying goal is the suffering and ultimate death of human life.