Anti-fracking terrorists vandalize Bell Pottinger lobby

Forty of animal masked anti-fracking terrorists occupied and vandalized the lobby of Bell Pottinger’s London offices. Bell Pottinger is a British multinational public relations and marketing company that is based in London.

According to PR Week, the terrorists who were with the anti-fracking group Reclaim the Power said they were there to expose what they allege is the agency’s continual support for fracking. They subsequently threw leaves, spread manure and sprayed ‘squid ink’ on the windows. Worst part about it, the same group conducted a similar protest four years ago.

The group staged a similar stunt where three women dressed as brides chained themselves to the door of St. Brides Partners which is another PR firm.

Despite numerous studies proving hydraulic fracturing is safe, environmentalists will have their way even if it means vandalizing the lobby or facility of a company that probably conducts public relations for fossil fuel companies involved in the practice. Mankind needs fossil fuels to power our civilization, but these Green Luddites deem themselves as knowing what is best for others rather than the people deciding for themselves.