Trump Administration Blocks Information on Dog Breeder Inspections

In addition to lifting the elephant trophy ban and aggressive efforts to deregulate the economy, another smart move by the Trump Administration has been to block access to results of USDA inspections of dog breeders.

The Tampa Bay Times points out that any dog breeder inspection documents released have heavy redactions. The USDA states disclosing such results would constitute an unwarranted invasion of privacy since medical and personnel records are involved.

This comes as Florida’s legislature is weighing whether to pass a law that would nullify state municipalities that ban the sale of canines from USDA-licensed breeders. The entire issue surrounds animal rights group’s attempts to demonize so-called puppy mills which are really dog breeders that groups, like PETA, seek to shut down in which dog inspection records are used to slander dog breeders and potentially harass their employees.

As has been said before, opponents of so-called puppy mills claim that animals bred and sold from these facilities are of poor health due to overcrowded and unsanitary conditions. Yet each of these establishments in question are regulated and regularly inspected by the US Department of Agriculture and state agencies too.

The USDA also has a certification process where breeders and kennels agree to abide by routine inspections and standards to ensure their facilities are safe and cruelty free. Furthermore, a more reasonable alternative to a blanket ban on substandard breeders and kennels would be to target individual ones. Not all of them are cruel or have bad conditions for the animals they breed.

Demonizing so-called puppy mills is a sinister attempt to run all pet shops out of business. So-called animal rights groups seek to outlaw such practices because they hate the idea of having animals being bred and then owned by humans for domesticated purposes. Animal rights organizations use broad generalizations and outright lies in order to further their cause of not only preventing the usage of animals for ownership by humans but also to destroy our economy.

Dehumanizing dog breeders with slanderous words like puppy mills and seeking to outlaw them is a smoke screen to hide the evil purpose of animal rights organizations. Their goal is to run pet stores out of business and throw hundreds of thousands of employees that directly and indirectly work in the pet industry out of work.

Animal rights is nothing not only a means of achieving the end of sacrificing mankind to the needs of nature but also to achieve the goal of subjecting humans to the savagery of the animal kingdom since it is the barbarism of that world that animal rights groups worship.