PETA terrorists harass Kelly Rowland

People for the Torture, Extortion and Abuse of human beings (PETA) thugs posing as fans humiliated themselves at a recent book signing event for the lovely and talented pop singer and actress Kelly Rowland. According to TMZ, the animal rights nihilists posed as fans and then loudly condemned her as having blood on her hands due to the fact that Rowland likes to wear fur products.

Rowland was at an event promoting a new book she recently authored outlining her advice for new moms. Wetpaint reveals that this isn’t the first time an ex-Destiny’s Child singer has been harassed by animal rights extremists. Not only was Kelly Rowland paid a visit in 2009 (video below), but Beyoncé has been a regular target of PETA nihilists since Beyoncé likes to wear fur too.

After all the ruckus TMZ caught up with Kelly Rowland in which she laughed off the nonsense. Fortunately, she remains unfazed and there is little indication she will be changing her wardrobe anytime soon.

Keep dong what you are doing, Kelly and congratulations on your new baby and book! After this incident, everyone should buy it and her music if it is everyone’s taste as an expression of solidarity. It’s time to stand up against these extremists who have no regard for human life (including their own), are intolerant of people’s fashion choices and who prefer the savagery of the animal kingdom over human civilization.