The De-Population Bomb

American Enterprise Institute scholar Nicholas Eberstadt authored an essay published in National Review last year about population shrinkage. In this interview, Eberstadt explains to Uncommon Knowledge’s Peter Robinson how the U.S. is in fact heading toward a huge societal problem: not enough people. De-population is what environmentalists aspire to and they’re largely succeeding, but it… Read More The De-Population Bomb

GMA: Climate Change Has Made It “Too Hot For School”

As if the COVID-19 lockdowns weren’t bad enough. Now ABC‘s Good Morning America (GMA) alludes to closing schools down due to hot classrooms caused by (you guessed it) climate change. Admittedly, temperatures are higher than normal for this time of year and some school districts don’t normally experience hot summers. But in places where it… Read More GMA: Climate Change Has Made It “Too Hot For School”

Florida Vegan Mother Gets Life In Prison For Starving 8-Month Old Son

Ezra O’Leary, Sheila O’Leary’s son, was the size of a 7-month-old baby when he died 3 years ago. Police said she and her husband had two other children who were also malnourished. No doubt the O’Leary’s baby suffered so much and there is no way she or her husband couldn’t have noticed since starvation doesn’t… Read More Florida Vegan Mother Gets Life In Prison For Starving 8-Month Old Son

Fauci To Retire in December

Fauci’s stepping down has been rumored for almost a year and today he made it official. No doubt he realizes that with the likelihood of Republicans taking the majority in Congress, his life will (rightly) become a living hell. But Fauci may not avoid an investigation regardless if he is employed are not.

Whistleblowers Speak Out About U.S. Child Trafficking Operation

Independent journalist Savanah Hernandez has uncovered a U.S. government-funded child trafficking operation that places illegal immigrant children with unchecked or un-screened adults. PHOTO CREDIT: A large group of people claimed by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection to be illegal aliens. By U.S. Customs and Border Protection – 005, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia