Dehli cattle traders assaulted by “cow vigilantes”

Two days ago three men involved in cattle trading in Dehli, India state they were assaulted by a lynch mob claiming to be animal welfare activists. According to First Post, coupe of days ago police received a late night call from an organizer of the group People For Animals (PFA) claiming a truck was illegally transporting buffaloes.

Soon after, three men transporting non-milking buffaloes were surrounded and then assaulted by a group of approximately 20 to 30 people who were transported in vehicles with PFA stickers. According to one of the men that was assaulted he and his co-workers had their transport papers and some of their sales proceeds taken from them.

The three men transporting the buffaloes were arrested for violating India’s animal cruelty law since they exceeded the maximum amount of animals allowed. However, one eyewitness to the assault said police who were at the scene are accused of not intervening to break up the assault along with not arresting PFA activists involved in the melee.

There is corruption in India since the people who assaulted the buffalo traders have not yet been arrested and are alleged to have done nothing to break up the assault. The incident may also have a religious component to it since the traders are Muslim. Yet the men involved in transporting the buffaloes did have legal documentation that was taken from them.

None the less, there is no reason for this assault to have taken place at all. The People For Animals activists who assaulted these men were clearly wrong and, despite their denials, the group’s distancing itself from the incident is notable but not believable. Especially since, according to First Post, is an NGO founded and chaired by Union minister Maneka Gandhi

Ultimately, the reverence for animals even to the point of religiosity is the reason why animal rights activists became violent. Since animal rights activists value animal lives over humans they care little about human life as the cattle traders experienced.