Animal “rights” activists harass pizza restaurant owner

Tim Metcalf owns Deano’s Pizza in Lafayette Lousiana. Metcalf has recently discovered and has spoken out on social media that his business is the target of a harassment campaign. According to KPEL:

People posing as paying customers have started calling and placing orders they never intend on picking up. Then, they wait until the orders are complete (roughly 20-30 minutes) only to call and say they are not coming to pick them up because Tim hunts exotic animals.

The people condemning Tim Metcalf for his hunting are guilty of helping to further the idea that the life of an animal is more important than a human. You notice no animal rights activists will live among the animals they claim to want to save? If the harassers feel that strongly about this then let them see first hand what it is like for a human to live among animals.

In the meantime, if you live in Lafayette, Louisiana or will be in town, consider eating at Deanos to support Tim Metcalf.