UK police probe green activist’s vile anti-fracking video

Police in Great Britain are investigating an environmentalist video that equates police officers protecting a hydraulic fracturing site with Nazi SS guards who helped slaughter millions of Jews during the Holocaust.

The video, named Tina’s List (taken from the Academy Award winning film Schindler’s List), was posted on an anti-fracking website during April but was later taken down and reported to police by a person who viewed the video online. According to the UK Daily Mail, one scene shows a Jewish woman being shot in the head by a Nazi SS officer in which her last words are dubbed with voice of Green Party candidate and anti-fracking activist Tina Rothery saying: I am acting in the self-defense of my community.

Police have been guarding the fracking site since January and environmentalist demonstrations and protests occur almost daily at a cost to the UK taxpayer of a little over half a million dollars. A police spokesman also condemned the video calling it unacceptable as well as appalling and offensive. While the UK is one of few EU countries that permits fracking, local governments regularly reject permits for energy companies to use the process.

Over local objections, Parliament approved fracking in Lancashire and permits were issued starting in 2011. Environmentalists filed a lawsuit attempting to block hydraulic fracturing in Lancashire, but their suit was turned away by English courts citing to a lack of substance.

It is actions like this that help diminish the tragedy of events, like the Holocaust which, in turn, helps make anti-Semitism acceptable. In this case, anti-fracking activists are obliterating distinctions with police hired to prevent potentially violent actions taken by environmentalists like them against energy company employees with contributing to the deaths of Jews.

While there is the risk of giving the video publicity for writing about it, activities that are bigoted like this deserve to be singled out for condemnation. By equating hydraulic fracturing with the Jewish Holocaust or any event that involved mass murder or a pre-planned genocide (which is what the Holocaust was) is not only wrong but outright evil since it lessens the impact of such terrible events. Then again, they maybe the intent of environmentalists like Tina Rothery.