Left’s ‘Disinformation’ Campaign Is Destroying America

Tucker Carlson conducted yet another fantastic opening monologue on his Fox News show last night. Just recently, as Tucker points out and was reported earlier by Tim Pool, the FBI seized the cell phone data of members of Congress. The propaganda the media is perpetuating lays the groundwork or rationale for heavy-handed actions on the… Read More Left’s ‘Disinformation’ Campaign Is Destroying America

Biden #COVID-19 Relief Bill Includes Kickbacks for Leftist Groups, “Environmental Justice”

Joe Biden and Congressional Democrats’ pork-laden so-called COVID-19 relief bill not only doles out millions, and even billions, of dollars in kickbacks to a variety of leftist groups and political pet projects, but, according to Just The News, there is this one item set aside for environmentalists: “The bill also earmarks $50,000,000 for “grants, contracts,… Read More Biden #COVID-19 Relief Bill Includes Kickbacks for Leftist Groups, “Environmental Justice”

The Dirty Little Secret About “Green Energy”

With the unfortunate situation in Texas about their power grid shutting down because of the cold, one other dirty little secret of so-called renewables is the cobalt extracted for lithium batteries used, not only for smartphones and computers, but also electric cars and windmills too. The Democratic Republic of the Congo is notorious for having… Read More The Dirty Little Secret About “Green Energy”