UK Vegans Vandalize Nottingham Butcher Shop

Masked vandals reportedly with the group Liberate or Die were caught on CCTV cameras Tuesday spraying graffiti that said Kill butchers, murderer, and scum on the front of the Meat 4U butcher shop in Nottingham, England. The hoodlums also smashed one of the shop’s windows, slashed a canopy, and injected glue into the locks.

Elites Think The Rules Don’t Apply to Them

The political elite think that they are above the rules they set for the masses. PHOTO CREDIT: A photoshopped image of Greta Thunberg demonstrating how the Left really views the less fortunate they claim to champion and how concerned she really is about climate change.

Green Racism

Environmentalists’ loathing of the masses is most destructive in the developing world. Ugandan climate activist Vanessa Nakate has accused the media of racism after she was cropped out of a photograph circulated by the AP news agency. The original photo shows Nakate alongside other young climate activists, including Greta Thunberg, at the World Economic Forum…

Animal “Rights” Thugs Intrude On UK Pig Farm

After an alleged three month investigation, 80 hoodlums with the animal rights group Meat The Victims took it upon themselves to raid pig houses at Moss Rose Piggeries located in Blackpool, England. According to Metro UK. despite farm owner Wayne Baguely politely (but firmly) telling the thugs to leave or he would notify police, and…

Is fracking compatible with a fossil-free future?

Fracking is unpopular in England. During October of last year, three anti-fracking terrorists were released from prison to cheering crowds despite the fact that they clearly trespassed and disrupted an industrial operation. Former UK fracking czar Natascha Engle joined IEA’s Digital Manager Darren Grimes to discuss the outright lies the environmentalist movement is using to…