Anti-vaxxers cause measles outbreaks in Minnesota

Anti-vaccine activists have one more feather in their cap. Thanks to their efforts, Hennepin County, Minnesota is experiencing the largest measles outbreak in Minnesota in six years.

A state health department official anti-vaxxers have been heavily targeting the Minneapolis and St. Paul’s Somali immigrant community which is where the vast majority of measles cases come from. According to Mic:

“They’re very much engaged with and targeting this community,” Kris Ehresmann, infectious disease division director at the Minnesota Health Department, said in a phone call Wednesday.

According to Ehresmann, anti-vaccine groups began to target the Somali community around 2008, amid concerns about autism among Somali-American children. Anti-vaccine groups started reaching out to the Somali community and showing up at community health meetings, she said, disseminating misinformation linking autism to the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine, or MMR.

Since then, the population has seen a “steady decline in MMR vaccine rates.”

Unfortunately, despite repeated efforts to assure Somalis that there is no proof of vaccines causing autism, Somalis remain unconvinced. To advocate against vaccinations, in reality, imposes a risk on the innocent that they did not consent to.

The sinister intent of anti-vaccine groups isn’t to help people live and survive diseases normally treated with immunization but to ensure they and everyone else suffers. The anti-vaccine movement is an outgrowth of environmentalism and, not surprisingly, it makes sense that greens attack vaccines since they are not only anti-science but their ultimate aim is to make life on Earth for humans a living hell if not eradicate human life itself.