“The Blacklist” Episode Involves Crazed Eco-Terrorist

NBC’s action television action show The Blacklist recently broadcast an episode in which the villain is a crazed anti-pesticide terrorist who uses genetically modified insects to kill his victims. The show stars James Spader whose character Raymond “Red” Reddington was an international criminal who turned himself in to the FBI. “Red” enjoys a somewhat limited…

Pediatrician: Vaccines Didn’t Cause My Daughter’s Autism

Late last year, The Texas Observer published an article profiling National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston dean Dr. Peter Hotez. What is unique about Dr. Hotez is not just his background as a medical scientist and pediatrician but also that his, now 25 year old, daughter, Rachel, is autistic.…

Six Examples of Science Denial by the Left

Science denial is prevalent. Just not on the side that you think it is and this very good video gives six examples by Vincent James of Red Elephants of how the Left denies science in terms of major subjects such as biology, climate and race, human relations (such as raising children and immigration).

The Methane Big Lie

In this video, Tony Heller takes on Potholer’s unsupportable claims about methane, and Heller explains why the United Nations is trying to demonize this harmless trace gas. Here are his references.