The Decline of Violence & “The Better Angels of Our Nature”

It may surprise you all, but Millennials are leaving the Left … in droves! Thankfully, many young people are checking out resulting from the Left’s violent outbursts and from actually experiencing the world as it is. I must admit to feeling rather bleak about the future. However, what Dr. Steven Pinker explains in his book… Read More The Decline of Violence & “The Better Angels of Our Nature”

The Anti-Vaccination Movement

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) had a fascinating podcast that was done earlier this year that describes not just what the anti-vaccine movement is all about, but it’s overall underpinnings. Among them are environmentalist influences which include overlap with animal rights groups. U.C. Berkeley’s Dr. Elena Conis was among the historians interviewed in which she… Read More The Anti-Vaccination Movement

Authorities Misreading #COVID-19 Trial Data, Virus Stages

As it turns out, coronavirus can occur in different stages that have various characteristics which authorities worldwide are not recognizing reportedly due to media and other bureaucratic influences. The many stages of the virus can even require different treatments, including hydroxychloroquine. Authorities misinterpreting COVID-19 trial data with ‘disastrous’ results, Canadian researchers say Influenced by media… Read More Authorities Misreading #COVID-19 Trial Data, Virus Stages