Giving the Devil the Benefit of the Law

With what has been happening with President Trump with the leaks and the way in which the left is conducting itself, it reminds me of this scene from the 1967 movie A Man For All Seasons. In it the main character, Thomas Moore, posits a scenario to Roper who is Moore’s daughter’s suitor when the question of arresting someone everyone knows has sympathies with the enemies of the British monarchy.

Roper supports using extra legal means in order to catch the person in question. Moore, on the other hand, rebuts him essentially saying without law there is no civilization and Roper doesn’t know what he is advocating by seeking to undermine the law to achieve his aim. The Left is seeking to undermine President Trump’s administration with extra legal means such as intelligence leaks, Hillary Clinton using a private server to send and receive classified material and later not being held responsible for it thanks to her friend James Comey along with the recent court decisions striking down the President’s travel moratorium for refugees from certain countries in the Middle East. Sadly, unless they make it a point to stop themselves or are stopped legally, the left may very well succeed. If they do, no one is safe if law and order is undermined.