FL animal “rights” protest angers parents, frightens kids

When Direct Action Everywhere isn’t harassing people who catch tilapia in Florida lakes, the group is trespassing on private property to protest Cow Appreciation Day by angering parents while scaring kids that showed up for a free meal.

According to WFLA, Direct Action Everywhere picked a Pinellas Park Chik-fil-A staged a loud protest in which the activists were dressed in cow and chicken costumes splattered with fake blood with people chasing them with real-looking knives as part of their activity.

While some parents tried to shield their children from the act, many parents were outraged while children were frightened. Protesters not only fell on the floor but some simulated slicing a cow or chicken’s throat. The protesters left before police showed up, but the damage was done since parent said the activity spoiled their appetite.

Animal rights is not about the humane or ethical treatment of animals but the animalistic treatment of humans. It is one more avenue environmentalists use in their war on mankind. In this case of animal rights it is as much an attack on our food supply as it is to promote or cajole people into embracing a vegan diet.

Most likely, this protest will have the opposite effect and people who eat meat will have even more of a reason to do so in which there will be backlash to this awful protest. It is not cruelty to value human life over the life of an animal and as a species we have a moral right to exploit the Earth and its resources. That includes using animals for our betterment, be it companionship, consumption, entertainment or medical research.