Animal “rights” activists harass FL family over fish

Bob Hope spent Tuesday afternoon fishing with his family at Crescent Lake in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Hope told WTSP that his father caught a 4 lb. tilapia that he laid on the sidewalk in which someone then showed up with a bucket. An activist with the animal rights group Direct Action Everywhere told Hope he was concerned about the fish and said Hope should put it back in the water because the fish has feelings.

Hope responded by saying he respected their views but didn’t agree and he and his family were going to go back to fishing. It was at that point six other activists showed up and then told Bob Hope that what he was doing was wrong because the fish was being hurt. At some point, one of the activists did take the fish and the group claimed all they were trying to do was save the fish’s life.

Unfortunately, there was no proof of ownership of the fish nor any violence was conducted so police who showed up responding to a report of the disturbance took no action. The Direct Action Everywhere activists said they were very respectful during the incident but some claimed receiving death threats.

Since they cannot make their case logically, environmentalist groups resort to harassment and intimidation in order to achieve their aims. This should also tell you something about their attitude toward seafood too. If environmentalist organizations, like Direct Action Everywhere, are correct in their claims about seafood or can rationally make their case with others, then they should not need to resort to intimidation tactics.