Was a UK anti-fracking protester struck by an approaching vehicle?

An anti-fracking protester at Little Plumpton, Lancs in England where fracking company Cuadrilla is conducting work claims he was run over by a truck while slow walking toward it.

The Daily Mirror published the story along with corresponding news footage. The video shows Ashley Robinson slowly walking toward a truck that leaves the Cuadrilla work site and then he is seen tumbling on the street after the truck moves in a direction away from Robinson. At the angle the video is taken it looks like the truck hits Robinson to the untrained eye.

However, if looked at carefully, the footage shows Ashley Robinson is in front of, runs next to the truck and falls to the ground as the vehicle drives away. He did not, however, throw himself in the truck’s path as some allege. What also calls into question Robinson’s claim is the statement police issued soon after the incident occurred:

“We are aware of an incident on Preston New Road yesterday which has been described on social media as a ‘hit-and-run’ and would like to provide clarity to this incident.

“Upon leaving the fracking site, a works vehicle has come into contact with a campaigner despite the driver taking evasive action to try and avoid him.

“The driver of the vehicle was indeed spoken to by police, provided a negative breath test and all other personal and vehicle checks were correct and in order.

“At this time, the campaigner involved has declined to speak to police regarding this matter and we are not aware of any injuries being sustained during the incident.

“This matter was dealt with by an experienced Roads Policing Officer in accordance with force policy and as per any other non injury road traffic collision.”

It has been reported that environmentalist deaths are at an all time high. Killing or injuring people for peacefully protesting against certain corporate or government policies is wrong.

Even police also spoke to the truck driver and no arrests had been conducted. A review of the immediate evidence calls into question Ashley Robinson’s claim of victimhood.