Animal “rights” thugs harass patrons at FL Chik-fil-A

Wearing bloody cattle costumes and holding butcher knives animal rights terrorists with the group Direct Action Everywhere harassed patrons while trespassing at a Pinellas Park, Florida Chik-fil-A on Tuesday.

The below raw footage YouTube video shows activists in cow costumes lying on the floor covered in fake blood while others carrying realistic knives verbally insulted customers while they ate.

An altercation between a customer and terrorist was said to have taken place and, fortunately, patrons banded together to tell the nihilists to get out while the activists chanted it’s not food it’s violence.

Animal rights activists believe because animals feel pain just like humans that animals should have the same rights as people. However, recent studies reveal that plants (the food of choice for vegans and vegetarians) feel pain as well. Will environmentalist organizations soon start groups dedicated to protecting the rights of plants?