Minn. Sheriff blames animal “rights” activists for deaths of lost mink

Stearns County Sheriff Don Gudmundso said he believes animal rights activists are responsible for the release of 35,000 mink from a pelt farm near Eden Valley which is 75 miles north of Minneapolis a few days ago.

The Associated Press reports that police state parts of a fence surrounding Lang Farms were intentionally dismantled and mink were released from their cages. Hundreds of dead mink were found nearby and even some dead chickens were discovered too. Unfortunately, the facility did not have surveillance cameras so suspects can’t be identified.

Consequently, many more mink will die because they have never been out of their cages. The significance of this event is that it goes to show animal rights want to sabotage efforts for humans to enjoy the luxury of owning mink fur products. Animal rights groups are not just about eradicating human life, in this instance it is also to gradually make life a living hell on Earth for mankind which includes slowly denying people the ability to enjoy life’s pleasures such as owning things like a real mink fur coat.