Filmmaker whines animal “rights” groups can’t harass Wisc. hunters

Filmmaker Joseph Brown joined with three other people to file a lawsuit against a Wisconsin law that implemented more protections for hunters on state lands. The plaintiffs contend that the new statute law prohibits a broad and poorly defined list of activities, has a chilling effect on his and activists with the animal rights group Wolf Patrol. The group claims they document hunters violating hunter laws and hunting activities.

According to Courthouse News, one of the plaintiffs is Wisconsin Gazette editor-in-chief Lois Weisberg in which the paper is revealed as being wolf activists go-to news outlet for the activist’s cause. In short, the Wisconsin Gazette is a propaganda rag for animal rights activists and the filmmaker along with the other plaintiffs are upset that he and his ilk can no longer harass hunters on Wisconsin state properties.

The fact is groups, like Wolf Patrol, harass and attempt to intimidate hunters. Unfortunately, what has happened in Wisconsin is more common than is reported and activists will oft times even act to scare animals away. The reason why people like Joseph Brown or Louis Weisberg are whining is that the law does what it is intended to do, protect the rights of hunters from people like them. Below is a video taken by a deer hunter in Michigan two years ago who was harassed while hunting an eight point deer.