Female hunter is driven to suicide by animal “rights” activists

After receiving numerous death threats from animal rights activists online, a popular, 27-year old female hunter from Catalonia, Spain has taken her own life. According to the UK Daily Mail, Melania Capitan was a well-known blogger and hunter with thousands of fans and became famous by posting details about her hunting methods and occasionally delving into her personal life.

Melania’s popularity was not without controversy and it made her the subject of ire by animal rights activists in which she was issued online treats and (according to one Spanish language newspaper) harassed by them since 2015. According to another news source in Spain, some of the threats said:

“We’re going to shut you up with a bullet in the forehead.”

“I hope someone gives you a beating that leaves you four months in a coma.”

“We are many that we hope you do not live .”

Melania Capitan also alleged that campaigners showed up at her work and demanded that she be fired for her online activities. Thankfully, her superiors did not give in. Before committing suicide, she left a note and called her friends to say goodbye. Upon word of her death reaching the news, Melania’s Facebook page was flooded with cruel and callous messages cheering her tragic passing. Some samples are:

‘You have done a favour to humanity! Bye Bye.’

‘She is alive, do not worry, what happened is that she left hunting and now is in the casting of the series The Walking Dead.’

‘She was so bitter that she had to pay her hate killing innocent animals, thank God she killed herself, the only good thing she did lately.’

‘Ciao Mel! You made a favour to nature.’

The harassment was obviously too much for Melania Capitan to take and, sadly, she decided to take her own life. The people who made threats that drove Melania to kill herself and are cheering or joking about Melania Capitan’s death are the ones whose hatred of mankind is grounded in their love of the savagery of the animal kingdom. Like has been said before, the left hasn’t been radicalized they are radicals. The green movement’s evil is revealed for all the world to see and animal rights¬†activists and other environmentalists are no longer hiding their contempt for humans.

Rest in peace, Melania.

UPDATE 07/23/2017:The damage control is already starting. News reports are citing an unspecified El Mundo report quoting a close friend of Melania Capitan claiming that she did not die resulting from the online threats she received, but was due to personal issues.