Italian animal “rights” activists want more bear attacks on humans

Last month forest rangers in northeast Trentino, Italy killed a brown bear that allegedly attacked a hiker. The same bear is suspected of injuring a tour two years ago. According to The Local Italy reintroduced bears to the region during the 1990’s in which it is said there are presently around 50 bears in the Trentino region.

Despite one Italian politician’s common sense statement that the bear needed to be killed to protect innocent people from harm, animal rights activists expressed outrage stating the bear didn’t need to die. The vice president of the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF), Daniel Caserta, had the gall to say letting the bear live was common sense while some other activists have sworn revenge on authorities.

Yet again animal rights activists take the side of animals (in this case bears) over the lives and health of humans. If people, like Dante Caserta, are successful, efforts will no longer need to be made by greens to outlaw hiking in places like the Trentino, Italy since they were able to do so by preventing the hunting of brown bears.

The same is true for any other animal population environmentalists seek to even prevent the hunting of be it deer or even wolves. Environmentalists envision a nature-based army of animal predators eventually overwhelming mankind to the point where humans starve due to lack of food or are killed by animals while out in the wilderness.