Norway arrests 35 Greenpeace activists

Norwegian authorities have arrested 35 Greenpeace activists for having violated a safety zone around a drilling rig in the Barents Sea as part of a protest campaign to condemn drilling in the Arctic.

According to Canadian News Wire, the Norwegian Coast Guard at the scene conducted the arrests after Greenpeace activists refused to leave after being told by police they were within the 500-meter safety zone and it was legal for the oil rig in question to be present. Greenpeace, naturally disputes the claim they were in violation of the law because they allege their protest was lawful.

Yet again we see not only the fervor and desperate attempts by Greenpeace to halt oil production so humans can power our homes and cars, but also a lack of regard the group has for the rights of the company who owns the oil drill. Environmentalist groups, like Greenpeace, prefer to revert mankind back to the stone age in which they attack and obstruct the operations of companies who are involved in fossil fuel production.