PETA’s campaign of terror against Yale medical researcher

Science magazine reveals a medical researcher at Yale University is the subject of a harassment and intimidation campaign conducted by animal rights activists. Back in May, People for the Extortion, Torture and Abuse of human beings (PETA) published a post on the group’s blog decrying the efforts of postdoc Christin Lattin accusing her of torturing and abusing birds she uses for her research on wild house sparrows.

Shortly after PETA’s blog post, Lattin started receiving emails with vicious messages in her email inbox and on social media, such as: You should kill yourself, you sick bitch! and What you’re doing is so sick and evil. and I hope someone throws you into the fire … When this was reported almost a month ago, opponents even went so far as to call for Lattin not only to be fired but murdered too.

PETA not only organized three protests against Christin Lattin at Yale that took place between June and August of this year, but even went so far as to post a video accusing the postdoc of coercing them in order intentionally inflicting painful, torturous methods on them. PETA alse urged its activists to contact her donors and financiers urging them to stop funding her research. The group also filed complaints with the US Department of Agriculture and a Massachusetts District Attorney. The organization also sent out a hyped email accusing her of murdering over 250 birds for her experiments alleging they have no relevance or use for bird conservation.

PETA also found Dr. Lattin’s her home address and is slated to stage a protest outside her private residence tomorrow. Despite the group’s accusations, Yale said that Lattin’s experiments were approved and no proof exists of inappropriate care or conduct on her part. Despite researchers who use animals in medical and other scientific experiments, according to Science, being that Lattin is a postdoc she is not as well established which is an unusual target for animal rights groups to single out and (not surprisingly) her studies are not what PETA makes them out to be.

Fortunately, Lattin not only has people supporting her but is also trying not to let PETA’s intimidation campaign get to her. She is concerned about the safety of her husband and baby, but is being explicit on her website on her work and why she is doing it. She thinks by doing so it can help work against PETA and other animals rights groups. Hopefully she will be right and good for her.

The last time this kind of effort occurred was in Spain directed against hunter Melania Capitan. She committed suicide after a few years of continuous harassment and intimidation on the part of animal rights activists and after she killed herself, a lot of her enemies cheered her demise.

These acts of savagery encouraged by PETA is another example that animal rights is not about the humane or ethical treatment of animals but the animalistic treatment of humans. It is one more avenue environmentalists use in their war on mankind. In this case of animal rights, it is an attempt to discourage people in the sciences from using animals in experiments, including and especially if it involves medical testing (i.e. vivisection). End using animals in medical tests and more humans die which is groups, like PETA’s, ultimate goal.