Animal “rights” activists sue for right to trespass

Animal rights activists and an environmentalist group filed a lawsuit against the state of Iowa Tuesday. According to Michigan Farm Bureau, at issue is the state’s ag-gag law that prohibit the act of filming or taking pictures on agriculture production facilities without the consent of the owners.

The laws are geared to discourage animal rights groups from trespassing on farm property for them to film the conditions of animals. Groups, like PETA, are notorious for recording and editing videos geared to push their narrative of animal cruelty. The videos themselves are shot by an activist who gets hired for employment to act as a whistle blower or trespasses on farm or slaughterhouse property.

The lawsuit the groups filed against Iowa’s statute is not a means of protecting free speech rights, but a way to continue to enable animal rights activists to continue to take pictures and video footage that can be used later to slander facilities that are involved in agriculture production of some kind.

If the plaintiffs win the case it will be a loss for property rights since state laws banning the practice of photographing or taking video footage on agriculture-related facilities would be removed from their law books which removes one less means to discourage fraudulent videos and pictures.

Animal rights groups not only intentionally lie about animal abuse but ultimately seek to achieve their goal of forcing others to either become vegans or ridding the Earth of humans by attacking the food supply. This being done by ending human consumption of meat by any means necessary, even if it means lying about animal abuse on abattoir or farm property.