Gatekeepers Exposed – an interview with James O’Keefe

Early last month, the League of Conservation Voters filed a criminal complaint with the State of California against the conservative media group Project Veritas. In their complaint, the LCV alleges that the organization was the target of an infiltration campaign that involved individuals with ties to Project Veritaa in order to undermine the group’s operations.

If the allegations made against Project Veritas are true, its more like that the campaign may have actually revealed the inner corruption of not only League of Conservation Voters but the environmentalist movement if not the entire political Left.

Freedomainradio host Stefan Molyneaux recently interviewed Project Veritas head James O’Keefe who published a video that exposes serious bias at The New York Times. O’Keefe also discusses the recent undercover video releases, the strange response from The New York Times, absurd claims of impartiality from biases mainstream media outlets, the use of lawfare to suppress honest journalism and what is coming next from Project Veritas.