Animal “rights” thieves steal animals from Oakland, CA butcher shop

Animal rights thieves were arrested Sunday for forcibly taking (i.e. stealing) live animals from an Oakland, California butcher shop. According to KPIX, the thieves with the group Direct Action Everywhere stormed into Saba butcher shop and took animals slated to be killed.

The thieves made off with a quail, a rabbit and a lamb and told reporters the animals were taken to an undisclosed veterinarian. Saba is owned by a Yemeni family who were outraged at what happened and believed their store was unfairly targeted.

One spokesperson for the thieves, Priya Sawhney, denied they were attacking the business and made a claim tantamount to saying because the animals felt pain and were screaming, their group had to act. We strongly believe that our culture promotes compassion, not violence towards animals, Sawhney told reporters.

In the case of the above act of theft, what is disgusting and surreal isn’t just the Direct Action Everywhere thieves conducting their act on camera, it is the amount of people who gathered to applaud what the thieves did.

Fortunately, not only were a number of the thieves arrested, some were cited for trespassing. However, this act alone demonstrates the sick, demented and twisted mentality of animal rights groups. This blatant act of theft is another reminder that groups like Direct Action Everywhere hate humans to the point where they will take food away for people to eat in order to live.