Animal Rights and Wrongs

In this video, University of Toronto Professor of Psychology and clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson weighs in on the subject of animal rights in which he bases his argument against them on the ethic of reciprocation grounded in emotions and hierarchy of values, respectfully. However, reciprocation is a small part of the basis of individual rights. The basis of animal rights is based on French philosopher Rene Descartes’s conclusion: I feel pain, therefore I have rights.

However, as John Locke later clarified, rights are not based on a being’s ability to feel pain, but on a being’s ability to think. To summarize what Locke said, in order for a being to have individual rights they must have the capacity to comprehend what rights are and only human beings have this capability.

Individual rights are are ethical and legal principles drawn from reality that are applicable to beings with the capacity of deliberation and choice. The only fundamental right is the right to one’s life and it is only human beings that utilize reason in order to sustain and enhance their own lives. Only humans have the ability to deal with other members of our own species by rational, voluntary means. Animals are devoid of any such capability and survive primarily by instinct and sensory perception. They cannot learn or interact with the natural world any other way.

Animal rights groups oppose animal domestication and ownership because they allege it violates the rights of animals. They equate any such arrangements as being tantamount to human slavery and equate animal ownership as such since, in their view, rights belong to beings and are not specifically for humans.

By obliterating the distinctions as to what the nature of a being is, and calling for the recognition of rights to creatures who have no sense of human morality or ethics is to advocate for the destruction of all human life, if not civilization itself. The animal rights movement is nothing more than an army of nihilistic thugs who revere the savagery of the animal kingdom over the civilization of man.