Animal “rights” group harasses Mizzou

The group Citizens for Alternatives to Animal Research (CAAR) has filed a complaint with the US Agriculture Department against University of Missouri (aka MU or Mizzou) alleging the MU abridged the Animal Welfare Act during research for a 2016 study that involved exacting trauma on the left eyes of beagles.

According to the Missourian, the animal tests involved researchers would injure a dog’s left eye in order to study the effectiveness of using hyaluronic acid in healing their wounds. The complaint made against MU alleges that Mizzou did not consider alternatives as required before using the beagles. The university counters that animals are not used in their tests unless there is no alternative and their use was approved by MU’s Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee.

Last year the Beagle Freedom Project sued Mizzou in a separate case alleging violations of the Sunshine Law and for neglecting to give up records on animals used for their tests.

Animal rights groups, like CAAR and the Beagle Freedom Project, seek to ban vivisection so humans can suffer and even die due to a lack of effective medical treatments and therapies that enhance or extend human life. They would rather make suffering and death a way of life for humans since animal rights groups consider humans (except themselves of course) a cancer on the face of the Earth.