Ontario themepark sues animal “rights” group for legal harassment

The Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals (OSPCA) is an animal welfare organization given legal authority to enforce Ontario, Canada’s animal welfare laws. Last November, the Times Colonist reports, an animal rights group filed a complaint with OSCPA alleging animal cruelty at Marineland, a themepark located in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Initially, Marineland was charged with up to 11 counts of animal cruelty. However, the charges were dropped by Ontario prosecutors over the summer due to lack of evidence.

Marineland has just filed a lawsuit against the OSCPA, accusing the group of malicious intent in targeting the themepark for closure. Marineland not only accuses the OSPCA of also seeking to destroy the themepark as part of a wider campaign to not only ruin the themepark’s reputation but to outlaw zoos and aquariums along with other policy objectives such as building their credibility with other animal rights organizations and raise funds off of their efforts. According to the Times Colonist:

“The unfounded charges and public press announcements by the OSPCA had a direct and seriously negative impact on Marineland’s business and operations, causing Marineland damage,” the company alleges in the document.

The lawsuit alleges that OSPCA investigators failed to make necessary inquiries of staff and veterinarians, conduct necessary medical examinations of animals noted as being of concern, or spend sufficient time with each animal.

It further alleges the organization has publicly declared that it considers commercial zoos an antiquated business model that should be retired.

Of course, OSPCA denies any wrongdoing, but what they tried to do with Marineland is a part of a pattern of conduct many animal rights groups follow. The animal rights movement disdain not only animals being tamed and used for domesticated purposes, like companionship for humans, but also abhors animals in captivity for scientific use or even entertainment.

The animal rights movement is so anti-human that they want to eradicate the pleasure people get from seeing animals to do circus tricks or view them in zoos or theme parks. The objective is part of an end goal to contribute to making life on Earth as miserable as possible for humans.

PHOTO CREDIT: A Marineland 2012 protest.