Animal “rights” activists triggered by pic of dolphin kiss

Comedian and Britain’s Got Talent star David Walliams drew the ire of animal rights activists due to a photo he shared on Instagram of him kissing a dolphin while vacationing in Dubai.

According to the UK Daily Mail, upon posting the pic, he received a flurry of criticism and angry messages that numbered in the hundreds such as:

One person commented: “Stunned that you would support this hideous industry… extremely disappointed.

“How can you claim to love animals and think that this is OK? How people can say this is ‘sweet’ and ‘cute’ is beyond me.”

A second wrote: “These animals should be free swimming hundreds of miles a day NOT stuck in a tank for idiots to kiss and fawn over in the name of entertainment.

“I’m actually really surprised and disgusted that you visited such a cruel place.”

While a third told him: “Seriously, why? I thought you were smarter than this…

“I thought you loved animals, I thought you had compassion and empathy. Do you not know how cruel this exploitation is?

Walliams is an animal lover and even went so far as to save a dog that was drowning in the River Thames during a 2011 charity event.

Yet another example of the green movement’s evil is revealed for all the world to see since animal rights activists and other environmentalists are no longer hiding their contempt for humans. Not only are animal rights activists eating their own by condemning Walliams, but many even think kissing an animal is an act of abuse.