The Curse of Cultural Marxism

Pat Condell points out Progressivism is Marxism attempting to wear a liberal mask, and failing. Unfortunately, Pat’s videos continue to be censored and his channel de-monetized for political reasons by YouTube. We may be distressed to see writers delight in stirring up all forms of evil passion. However, to hobble the press is also to…

Objectivism vs. Altruism

Questioned by Mike Wallace, Ayn Rand explains her philosophy of objective reality and contrasts it with altruism (i.e. self-sacrifice). Environmentalism if not Leftist philosophy is all about sacrifice of the individual to the collective will (i.e. nature) or the state. Rand (rightly) rejected this explains why doing so is necessary to live.

Leftist Terrorists Attack Yaron Brook and Sargon of Akkad in UK

Since the election of Donald Trump, the attitude of Ayn Rand Institute intellectuals toward the present day culture and the President has been surreal. Not only have they surrendered or downplay key aspects of Objectivism’s morality, ARI has also decided to treat certain political positions, like immigration, as intrinsic. Instead of Objectivism being a philosophy…

A Word To The Google Feminists

British YouTube polemicist Pat Condell recently had one of his videos taken down for criticizing Google and the feminists they employ. With all of the censorship being conducted on YouTube and other social media, this is a hat tip to Pat for standing up to the many bully groups he has criticized (such as Islam,…

MILO meets David Horowitz

Milo Yiannopolous interviewed ex-Communist, author and conservative activist David Horowitz. In this exchange, David gives his insights into the Left, political correctness, environmentalism, Islam and Donald Trump.