MI judge in vaccine cases issued death threats

Anti-vaccine activists have made death threats as part of an effort to harass Oakland County, Michigan Judge Karen McDonald who oversaw two parental dispute cases involving vaccination.

In both cases, the Detroit Free Press states, McDonald ordered the incarceration of mothers who did not to vaccinate their children as part of child custody disputes. One mother, Rebecca Bredow, initially agreed but then later did not, while the other woman, Lori Matheson, bluntly refused.

Soon after the jailings, videos posted on YouTube emerged where the people in them called for the judge to be killed.

Some of the videos online called for McDonald’s execution. Another said “time to kill the judge” and one said it’s “time to put a bullet in that f—ing judge’s head.”

One YouTube user posted a 41-second video titled “Why Judge Karen McDonald must die a painful death.”

“If she can get away with this, the bitch has got to die. The bitch has got to die.”

The video poster refers to McDonald as a judge in California, perhaps confusing Oakland County, Michigan, with the city of Oakland, Calif..

So far, the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office has determined that, while offensive, the videos do not rise to the level of a crime.

Both mothers not vaccinating their kids is tantamount to child abuse and the reason why both ladies are being held criminally responsible. The children in question are not mentally mature enough to decide whether or not they want to be vaccinated and their immune systems are not developed to where they are more vulnerable to infection.

For anyone to knowingly refuse to vaccinate oneself and their kids, despite concrete evidence that vaccines help ward off contagious, life threatening diseases is tantamount to not respecting the lives and rights of others.

This also includes disseminating propaganda from groups, such as the Vaccine Information Network, whose information has been thoroughly debunked. Since the anti-vaccine movement an environmentalist front, the campaign is an extension of green movement’s hatred of human life itself.