Chris Wallace: Trump “has a point” about media bias

On Thursday, Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace delivered a brief speech as part of his accepting the International Center for Journalists Founder Award for Excellence in Journalism.

During his speech, Wallace not only called out the President for his attacks on the news media, but also seemed to concede that President Trump has a point when it comes to his claims about media bias against him. Wallace listed a few instances he felt the news was unfair toward Trump and said their doing so may have been in reaction the President’s criticisms.

The election of the President didn’t make the media biased against the President, it revealed it. However, the issue of media bias is larger than President Trump. Over time, the mainstream news media shifted leftward and it was reflected in their reporting.

In terms of environmentalism, there were concerted efforts to prevent climate skeptics from being interviewed, include their views in news reports or demonize them as deniers. There were even reports done on environmentalist terrorism making the terrorists out to be heroes.

Environmentalists benefit from liberal media bias since it helps further their seeking to ban fossil fuels, pesticides and a number of other policies that help benefit mankind.