Environmentalists use cocaine epidemic to exterminate humans

It has long been posited on this website that the reason for environmentalist opposition to pesticides was due to their seeking to kill humans off by preventing the use of pesticides in order to fend off insects from consuming crop yields. Now it seems environmentalists have found and are contributing to the deaths of humans via another route that might be very fruitful for their de-population agenda: cocaine.

In an essay posted at Townhall, former US Representative Bob Barr has made a startling observation where he points out that environmentalists are aiding Colombian drug cartels. Greens are opposing the use of glyphosate (aka Round-Up) that was used as part of the United States’ Plan Colombia campaign to eradicate cocaine production by spraying cocoa fields in the South American country.

Two years ago, according to Barr, Colombia caved to pressure by the World Health Organization that was the result of environmentalist group lobhying and stopped spraying campaigns on cocoa fields used by drug cartels for cocaine production where glyphosate was used based on the (now refuted) notion that the pesticide use causes cancer.

Consequently, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration, cocaine production and distribution has exploded.

A year after realizing their mistake, Colombia re-visited the issue but chose in effective measures rather than spraying cocoa fields with glyphosate. Worst of all, the US government is not insisting that Colombia reinstate the spraying program.

Thanks to environmentalist influence at the United Nations that stopped pesticde spraying in Colombia, the production and distribution of cocaine is at an all time high. This will mean more people’s lives destroyed by cocaine addiction or crimes related to it. If you or your loved one’s life is affected by cocaine addiction, you can thank the environmentalist groups that made it possible.