“Road Diets” as green behavior modification

Since the basis of environmentalism is altruism or sacrifice, the groups organized in its name automatically lay blame on humans for the Earth’s problems. That is the basis of their go green campaign, in that it calls upon people to do their part to reduce their carbon footprint to halt human-induced climate change.

It was eventual that the green’s long held idea of narrowing roads would end up filtering into state houses and city councils. This year, Los Angeles decided to bring the issue to the forefront. The city’s council decided to enact a new concept called a road diet.

The theory behind the idea is to replace certain amounts of traffic lanes for bikes and parking spots in order to make congestion so miserable that motorists would eventually switch to riding bicycles or riding the bus. A ReasonTV report reveals the experience residents of Los Angeles neighborhood of Playa Del Rey had with the ridiculous idea.