MI animal “rights” activist supports cattle attacks

According to Chelsea Dispatch, door to a trailer carrying steer to a meat processing plant broke open and two steer got loose in Chelsea located in Superior Township, Michigan last Thursday. Upon finding out, the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office sprang into action not only sending out officers to find the steer but also warned local residents since the young cows can be aggressive.

Shortly after the warning was put out, both steer were located and killed. When it was reported that the steer were put down, the Sheriff’s Office Facebook page was flooded with negative comments. This mainly due to the efforts of a local animal rights activist named Daniel McKernan.

Not only did McKernan put out Facebook videos that were passed around to many other Facebook profiles, he also made numerous lies about the condition of the steer. At first McKernan alleged that the steer were being hunted, then he said the animals were left in the woods to die, then he said they were skinned alive. Worst of all, McKernan stated his support of the male cows saying in one video:

All I’ve got to say is these cows are fighting for their lives right now. They just want to be free. They want to be in a forest like this, and the fact that the Washtenaw sheriff’s department just goes out and hunts them when they find out they’re lost, instead of calling animal rescue groups to take them in, that’s unbelievable.

Yes, the cattle want to be free to attack humans at their pleasure, right Danny boy? No doubt you will provide some humans they can attack so the steer get to you last, huh?

The animals were being shipped to a meat processing plant for slaughter so their living or dying didn’t really matter. The central issue of this isn’t the deaths of the cow but the statement by Daniel McKernan who sided with the lives of steer and lied about them over the safety and well-being of his follow humans.