CONFIRMED: It’s All Trump’s Fault

It’s extremely important to clear something up so people don’t get confused: what ever problems people experience or bad world events that occur are all Donald Trump’s fault.

It is blatantly obvious that he is entirely responsible for the COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan, China since the United States is the hub of systemic racism, sexism, bigotry, homophobia, and Islamophobia. These are the heresies the Left has accused the United States of, so it all must be true since Trump’s election is a proof.

There’s no getting around this fact and that the president can literally do anything. For example, he can make Andrew Cuomo place COVID-19 patients in New York nursing homes. Trump can also make people stab themselves, cause forest fires, change the weather, lose weight, gain weight, change their political party, quit their jobs, ruins people’s marriages, steal campaign signs, change their gender, and even conduct terrorism.

There’s no limit to what Trump can do and the only explanation for his power is that he must be in possession of the Infinity Stones. Joe Biden needs get elected in order to confiscate them from the president like what he’ll do to addresses gun violence before he transforms the country again like Obama did.

All of the above data points are mind boggling and it is clear we need Joe Biden’s sharp intellect and endless determination to restore civility like he and Kamala Harris are doing by example to pay bail for all of those peaceful protesters arrested by Trump’s stormtroopers. Heck, if this continues any longer, more people will die of coronavirus than resulting from gun violence. Orange Man already has blood on his tiny hands already.

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