A Stark Example of Environmentalist Newspeak

In the context of George Orwell’s book 1984, the term Newspeak is defined as a controlled language used to manipulate words and phrases in order for Oceania’s soclaist state to maintain control of the country’s population.

In the context of environmentalism, green groups use postmodern logic (if there is such a thing) to not only deny reality but to further their narratives in hopes of controlling or dictating the terms of a debate about a particular issue. A stark example of this is an environmentalist group’s opposition to an oil refinery in North Dakota.

It will be built by Meridian Energy Group, the same organization that has built the North Dakota Access Pipeline, respectfully. Davis Refinery will be built near Theodore Roosevelt National Park and, despite Meridian demonstrating to the public that their refinery won’t even be visible to visitors of the national park, environmentalists changed their tune complaining to the Bismark Tribune that it isn’t visible from the interstate:

[Former Democratic state lawmaker Connie] Triplett, who attended the meeting for the National Parks Conservation Association, said the refinery will be visible from the interstate to tourists heading to Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

“For a lot of people, their only experience of being in North Dakota may be getting to Theodore Roosevelt National Park along the interstate,” she said. “The notion that you can hide a refinery behind a row of trees seems a little far-fetched to me.”

The statement was so ridiculous that one blogger observed:

Per their most recent gripes about the project, the issue isn’t so much that the refinery can be seen from the park but that it can’t be seen from the interstate on the way to the park.

Moving the goal posts, like the blogger points out, is one of many ways environmentalists and other Leftist groups will bait-and-switch. The refinery flew a kite at the proposed site of the refinery and when they were proven wrong about its visibility from the park, they quickly came up with another reason to oppose it.

This being done, not just because environmentalists are nihilistic and oppose industrialization but it is done in hopes of laying the groundwork to eventually rid the Earth of mankind (except them of course).