UK animal “rights” terrorists jailed for European terror campaign

Two British animal rights activists sentenced to prison yesterday after pleading guilty to conspiracy and blackmail stemming from the couple vandalizing and firebombing vehicles, slander and issuing death threats across Europe directed at employees of companies that conduct business with Huntingdon Life Sciences based in Cambridge, England.

According to UK Metro, the two Stop Huntington Animal Cruelty (SHAC) members conducted their year long terror campaign to put Huntington Life Sciences out of business by attacking employees of HLS suppliers in order to get the company employees to push their employers stop doing business with the contract research corporation.

The was deemed by prosecutors as an intensive criminal campaign in which the terrorist acts took place in France, Switzerland, and Germany during 2008 to 2009. Oddly enough, Natasha Simpkins and Sven Van Hasselt were both extradited from Holland while serving time in Dutch prisons for their role in attacking a mink farm that resulted in the release of almost five thousand of the animals.

Huntongdon Life Sciences has long been a target of scorn by animal rights groups because the company conducts medical experiments using animals (i.e. vivisection). Despite the savage, nihilistic nature of Simpkins and Van Hasselt’s effort, the two are possibly on to something. What they couldn’t accomplish violently, SHAC will probably conduct using phone calls, emails and public slander campaigns using billboards or fullp age ads in papers.

Regardless, this is yet another example that animal rights activists care more about the well-being of animals than they do of the lives of their fellow human beings. It is because of their choice to sacrifice their lives to rescue the lives of animals that these terrorists embrace the savagery of the animal kingdom and instinctively directed their hatred of humans toward the lives of innocent people.

PHOTO CREDIT: An image of an actual page taken from an FBI training manual on environmentalist domestic terrorism.