The Moral Bankruptcy of Anti-Fur Protesters

The Cut has a unique article demonstrating how anti-fur protesters ultimately make fools of themselves at Fashion Week events.

While, as the article points out, that the presence of fur opponents have been expected, however, the ironic thing is that during London Fashion Week that took place last week, anti-fur protesters condemned Mary Katrantzou’s event. What should be of note is that the clothesline being shown was fur-free and the only fur in the featured wardrobe was fake.

There have been many instances where anti-fur protesters not only hijack fashion runways or interrupt fashion-related events. They even go so far as to scream and yell in attendees faces and have even been known to throw red paint on ladies donning mink coats. Fortunately, there is little indication that the fashion industry will be dumping real animal fur anytime soon.

The choice to wear fur should be one’s own and groups, like PETA, who condemn and seek to publicly berate people who wear fur clothing, ultimately are repulsed by the idea of beauty. As a species we have a right to use the Earth’s resources as we see fit. In this case it is to use animals so that people can enhance their lives with their fur. Restricting the right to use animals to enhance human life only restricts the rights of humans in the end.