Activist: It’s OK to break laws for climate change

During January, Tucker interviewed a veteran environmentalist and eco-terrorist named Ken Ward over NYC Mayor De Blasio suing oil companies over climate change costs and activists breaking laws for the environment.

Paying close attention to the main thrust of his argument, Ward says he would like to present what he did to a jury about what he did and find out what happens. In other words, defend his actions as a kind of necessity defense. However, despite his denials of not advocating breaking the law, Ward is obviously intentionally deceiving or lying because that is exactly what he did and he his intent is for juries to acquit hooligans like him for similar activities..

During 2016, Ward avoided conviction by a mistrial in a Washington state court for sabotage that resulted in shutting down five pipelines. Thankfully, he will be re-tried and, hopefully, this time he will be convicted.