Environmentalists Lose on Two Legal Fronts

Despite the wave of lawsuits from environmentalist organizations in reaction to the Trump Administration’s environmental policies, fortunately, there are (albeit limited) instances where greens have lost. At times governments push back against environmentalists because their policies are will destroy jobs or economic growth.

For example, in Massachusetts a federal agency disputed claims made by the Environmental Defense Fund in a research manuscript the group submitted claiming the reason for high energy prices was due to the conduct of two oil and gas companies attempting to build the Algonquin Gas Transmission Pipeline, which runs through Massachusetts.

Among the accusations made, EDF alleged Eversource and Avangrid both intentionally restricted the flow of fuel in order to justify higher gas prices which, in turn, helped the companies make the case to build their pipeline.

According to the Worchester Telegram, after several months of review, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission decided the conclusions in a manuscript submitted by environmentalists were flawed and incorrect if not outright false about the allegations it raised about the two pipeline companies withholding information.

In Brazil, Reuters points out the country’s supreme court upheld legislative changes to statutes enacted during 2012 related to the use of plant life in the Amazon rainforest.

The country has a sizeable amount of the rainforest in its jurisdiction that can be used for a variety of purposes but companies seeking to utilize the resources of the Amazon due to growing demand for certain products had huge fines and penalties hanging over their heads that bureaucrats could use to exact bribes.

Thankfully, with this court decision, the bribery to log or exact certain plants for food or medicinal purposes will largely be gone. Environmentalists with the organization Instituto Socioambiental were severely disappointed probably in some way they too benefited from the corruption related to the land use statutes.

In order to live man has to use his logic and reason along with bending nature to suit his needs. Environmentalist organizations are driven by an anti-science, anti-human agenda despite claiming to support science when, in fact, they are not. Science and production of goods (i.e. capitalism) are the result of people using their reason in order to better understand the universe and to bend nature so humans can survive and live. Opposition to economic development is opposition to life itself. Hopefully legal and political opposition to environmentalists will grow.