Environmentalists Angered by Chanel’s Enchanted Forest Show

After allegedly chopping down multiple oak and poplar trees for his Chanel walk show, the UK Guardian reveals fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld has been criticised by environmentalists for his doing so. This while claiming that not only were Chanel’s green credentials jeopardized but that the venue used was completely divorced from the reality of protecting nature. Other green groups condemned Chanel for its overall exhibition calling it heresy.

The huge glass nave at Paris’s Grand Palais was turned by Lagerfeld into an autumn forest for Chanel’s autumn-winter prêt-à-porter 2018-2019 show. The company responded by saying that none of the trees that were cut were more than a century old and the company had gotten authorization from French authorities to cut the trees down. Chanel will also plant more than 100 trees in the western France forest where the trees used for their show originated.

Ultimately, the only thing that really matters is what fashion critics thought and, thankfully, Chanel’s event was hailed as a huge success by Bazaar magazine. Whatever Chanel’s reasons for cutting down the trees, the company has a moral right to bend or use nature as it sees fit. In this case it is using trees to help promote its fashion line.

It may not be often that Parisians much less people in the fashion industry take much time to spend in forests or to appreciate the natural environment. In this case, Chanel decided to bring a forest setting to its customers and fans. Not surprisingly, environmentalists decry such an effort since they would rather humans live in forests as primitives rather than in gatherings, like cities, where people can wear nice clothes, smell good with perfumes and enjoy great cuisine.

A video produced by Chanel is posted below of the event in question for your viewing pleasure. As you will see, it is truly magnificent. Vive la Chanel!