Green Group Envisions a Human-Free Future

A bill in the California legislature would ban the sale of gas-powered vehicles in the state by 2040. The bill was submitted by Assemblyman Phil Ting, D-San Francisco and has the strong backing of the environmentalist group Center for Climate Protection who cites public health and climate change goals as their reason for doing so.

The green group even held an event this past Thursday in support of Ting’s bill and Ting says he hopes his bill will be the start of an effort to achieve an envisions an emissions-free future for California and is needed for the state to achieve its pollution reduction goals.

In reality, what Ting and the environmentalist group are saying is they want a human-free future since emissions are an indication of productivity and humans produce in order to live and survive. Eradicate emissions and the result is the end of human life itself.

One online satire website points out a humorous, but fitting alternative Ting might propose to people if his bill becomes law:

“Well, even if these technologies don’t work out our increasingly Mexican population could make do with a more traditional mode of transportation,” Ting postulated. “Burros are a very familiar way of getting around and transporting freight in Mexico. And they are also non-polluting. So, I think California will come out okay either way. Those who can’t shake their dependence on polluting vehicles are free to leave the state and make more room for immigrants who will lead more natural lives.”