Vegan Thugs Triggered by Toronto Chef Carving Deer Leg in Front of Them

Harassers at Antler Kitchen and Bar on Dundas Street West in Toronto were treated to having a deer leg carved in front of them by the restaurant’s owner, Michael Hunter.

According to their website, Antler is a game-themed restaurant that serves innovative Canadian cuisine such as deer, wild boar, bison, deer, and rabbit. Foie gras has also been known to have been served there from time to time too.

The protest held outside Antler on Friday when Michael Hunter decided to conduct his counter-protest was the fourth time one was held in which banners were used that said Murder in large, hot pink letters, and a sign that said Animals are not ours to use. One thug, Len Goldberg, had a sign that read please add vegan steak to the menu.

The gangsters targeted Antler Kitchen seeking to refute Michael Hunter’s claim that his establishment serves ethical, humane meat. Obviously deciding he had had enough even after featuring a vegan item as a special at one point, Michael Antler appeared in his restaurant’s front window and started carving the leg of a deer.

The campaigners were very disturbed by Hunter’s act and two police officers at the scene entered Antler and were able to convince Hunter to stop. None the less, animal rights thugs can only push a man too far. The protesters were there to harass, discourage and not refute anything. They are lucky a restaurant owner who is also a chef by trade and has a lot of experience with carving knives decided to limit his act to just a deer leg.